Another cruise is available!

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Our upcoming December cruise has created interest amongst our members. At the inception, we were worried that the Helsinki-Travemünde-Helsinki cruise would cause our members in Germany and Central Europe to feel slightly left out.

Finnlines have once again come to the rescue and are now offering the same package for a Travemünde-Helsinki-Travemünde cruise, where all members share the Helsinki-Travemünde part of the cruise.

Society members have an opportunity to meet also in Travemünde, for the ship doesn't depart for several hours.

More specific information about the TRA-HEL-TRA -voyage can be enquired from the editor of our German-language news service at

It is perhaps excessive to issue this warning, but two Finnlines ships depart Helsinki close to each other on the same day. We are taking the long route with MS Finnmaid.

We will stop in Gdynia, Poland, but won't be able to leave the ship. Speaking of Poland, we recently received from there a strange offer to work for FHS. The applicant promises to be a good chauffeur, able gardener and will massage feet. Much to our surprise, a homemaker announced her wish to hire the man.

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