Images taken after the rare (unique?) aborted Travemünde-Helsinki run in January 1987. GTS Finnjet had to return to Travemünde for de-icing. This heavy tonnage on top of the superstructure created a serious risk of keeling over. Accusations were issued.

These pictures show the level of work during the "mid-life upgrade" in 2004.

The superb condition of GTS Finnjet after the 2004 rebuild. Elegant as ever and ready for duty once again!

The chief and some of his new crew...

Finnjet's 35-year dinner 13.5.2012 at Katajanokka.

Few pictures of GTS FINNJET from its lifetime.

Paul Opaczewski from Germany sent us few pictures where he and his family travelled on board of the Finnjet in January 1979.