In the meantime it's already more than 15 years since Finnjet has been scrapped. However, there are still many fans of this unique ship worldwide and the fascination of her power and speed has not changed at all.

To bear in remembrance of this masterpiece I started some years ago (during the pandemic) to create a huge display model made out of Lego-bricks.

In the last few weeks I have finalized the project and decided to submit it to Lego as an official idea. In the meantime Lego has approved my idea and it has been released to be supported.

You can find it here:

So if you like it please add yourself as a supporter and maybe one day the model will be ready for the store shelves! I really appreciate every single click. Let's do it as Jetti has always done: full speed ahead!

Bastian du Maire, FHS Board Member