STX Europe donates GTS FINNJET materials!

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Christmas in June

After the archive donation of Silja Line, I wondered if anything could match their big present.

I spent a few hours today at STX Europe in Helsinki. I met there Mrs. Vatanen with whom I had a nice talk about Finnjet and drank a fine cup of coffee. I filled my briefcase with some papers and got a box of materials with me. This was really nice I thought. Good material for our work. But that wasn't all of the day. We went to a storage building and there we met another proud member of the yard family. I thought to myself that this must be a great working environment. Everyone was friendly and proud of their work. Yes Sir, Wärtsilä ships do not rust!

So, in I went to this big building. At a shipyard big means the size of a ship. For a history-minded person like me, this was like walking into Fort Knox.

We took a long ride on an elevator, walked some and then I saw something breathtaking. Four pallets labeled "Finnjet". Approximately 200 original, unique and large Finnjet folders waited for me there. Our ship was there!

I felt really happy for us to get these materials, but something felt wrong at the yard. People were worried about their jobs. There was no ship being built and no ship being repaired. I do hope that these fine people will soon feel as happy as I am today.

I wish to thank STX Europe, Mr Marttinen and Mrs Vatanen for their substantial contribution to our society.

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