Finnjet 3D

/ Peter Schultze, Risto Kempas

To give a project a name so definite and short, you have to be able to provide the goods. Mr Peter Schultze delivers and goes beyond the call of duty of a serious Finnjet admirer. In this new introduction to his work you get a clear image of this being a lifelong project. Peter is in his own way bringing our ship back to life.

Please click here to see the FINNJET 3D introduction as a pdf file. 5,3Mb

I queried on the internet in the summer of 2008, if someone could make project images for the ship's rescue attempts. It is easier to sell something when you can see what you're buying, right? Rather surprisingly the rescue attempt in Finland declared that plans can be made later.

But the images and video from Peter kept haunting me. This is the man to bring our ship back in digital form. I promised Peter to work on getting the plans of Finnjet secured. Nearly a year later that promise came to reality. When this epic work is completed, you will be able to walk around our GTS FINNJET and can see and hear what she was like in 1977, the year when she was delivered to Finnlines.

Peter, thank you for agreeing to show all of us your work.


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