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GTS Finnjet 40 years memorial cruise

On M/S Silja Serenade


Welcome to celebrate the 40 years old ship GTS Finnjet on a memorial cruise!


Departure from Helsinki on Fri 12.5. 17:00 -> Arrival to Stockholm Sat 13.5 at 9:30
Departure from Stockholm Sat 13.5 at 16:45 -> Arrival in Helsinki Sun 14.5 at 9:55

Cabin prices

Commodore cabin 920 €
Deluxe cabin 320 €
A cabin 224 €
Promenade cabin 210 €
B cabin 170 €

(To see FHS Member prices, please log in.)

The cabins acommodate 1-4 persons except Deluxe and Commodore cabins that accomodates 1-2 persons. Deluxe and Commodore cabins have special breakfast included in the cabin price.

Meal prices

Buffet dinner is 38,50 euros / person, the sea breakfast is 11,50 euros. Alternatively, you can choose the meal package which includes 2x buffet dinner and 2x sea breakfast for 94 euros / person.

Atlantis Palace is reserved for our use for the day program.

Reserve your trip here: http://www.matkapojat.fi/risteily/teemaristeilyt/finnjet40v

You can also reserve your trip directly from Matkapojat travel agency offices using the code 33FINNJ.

We wish all welcome to cruise!

Finnjet Historical Society ry.

We are pleased to announce that we have received a package of Finnjet-related material! The package contains few VHS tapes, old crew photos, cruise information, price lists and more. Big thanks to our fresh member Liisa Porkka for this material! The material has just been digitized, and we will start publishing it within the next few weeks.

Dear members and friends of FHS.

Let's have a fun trip on this spring and go on a cruise to explore this new Viking Grace.

While the ship is well into the summer fully booked, we made a reservation for a travel agency with seventeen cabins.

The pre-booked cabins consist of 10 inside-class cabins and 7 seaside-cabins. The cabins are pre-booked for us until 22.3.2013 which is the last day to make a reservation.

Price of the trip includes: Cruise Turku-Stockholm-Turku in your selected cabin class

Price of the trip:

  • 37e/Inside-class cabin (2-4 persons / cabin)
  • 52e/Seaside-class cabin (2-4 persons / cabin)

Both cabin categories are on upper decks and the Seaside-class cabins have a window.

All cabins have 2 lower and 2 upper beds.

Cabins will go in the reservation order, so if you want a window be quick...

We have not booked meals and if you want to book a dinner, lunch or breakfast in the sea, please inform us in advance when making the cabin reservation, because the buffet is more expensive when bought from the ship.

Dining reservations are priced as follows when reserved with the cabin:

  • Dinner on departure evening at the buffet including standard beverages 31 €/person
  • Lunch on the way back at the buffet including standard beverages 24€/person
  • Breakfast buffet 10e/person

The ship leaves from the Port of Turku to Stockholm on Sunday 28.4 at 20.55, so the boarding passes must be picked up from Matkapojat Ltd's check-in counter on 20 o'clock AT THE LATEST! The check-in is located at in the 2nd floor of Viking Line's ferry terminal.

29.4 on Monday at 07.30 (Finnish time) the ship arrives at Stockholm and departs at 08.35.

We arrive to Turku on Monday evening at 19.50.


Registration for the cruise:

We agreed with the travelling agency that Ari will collect a list of people attending the cruise. The travelling agency will then send the invoice by email or by paper mail for them who have booked the trip.

Please send reservations by e-mail to Ari (ari.kangasalusta @ finnjet.fi) When registering, please remember to tell the following information:

  • The desired cabin category, and if you want to book a buffet option.
  • Cabin bookers full name, date of birth, e-mail address, postal address and also names and date of births of other passengers on the same cabin.

Well, that's the most important information of the cruise.

Welcome to the cruise to have a nice time!

Best Regards,
Ari and Jarmo

Dear Member,

in my opinion, FHS - as a historical society in the borderland between maritime matters, culture and technology - should have its own publication as a focus of its members expertise and experience.

As a long-term project it would depend on active participation of a small group of dedicated people. Since time and energy is limited for all of us, one of the main challenges of such aninternational group would naturally to find a good cooperation structure.

If you are interested to participate in such a publication project, I would like to invite you to contact me via E-mail. Please send me a short "declaration of intent" - preferably with your main fields of interest:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Be assured, that all personal data and information are kept strictly confidential AND: There is no obligation of any kind.

In case, there are enough interested members of FHS to collaborate in such a project, I would establish a contact between those members via E-mail and take care of the initial cooperation as long as we have no stable structures.

Johannes Schultze

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