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“Can I buy copies of plans from FHS?”
“Could you please remove watermarks from plans?”
No and no.
First of all, Finnjet Historical Society ry is a non-commercial society. Doing business with the name Finnjet would actually be a criminal offence without a license from Finnlines Oyj, who continue to hold the rights to the name and trademark Finnjet. We have their written documentation for non-commercial purposes. The law allows us to do small things to keep our society running, such as arrange fund-raising events.
The sale of copied materials, which are the intellectual property of others, is a criminal offence. We have been granted by some parties permits to show in digital form their plans and materials. For some materials we have also print media publishing rights. These permits only apply to the official Finnjet Historical Society ry and no one else.
If you see someone selling copies of plans from Finnjet for instance, please let us know, so we can contact the copyright holders about their intellectual property being used. If they are indeed dishonorable, they will most likely face criminal charges. We do not know of any authorized sellers at this time. Please remember, the purchase of stolen goods is also a punishable offence.
The breaking yard at Alang, India is a restricted area and access to the area is controlled by the Gujarat Maritime Bureau. If you are being offered items that were taken from the ship by the persons themselves, have the seller show you their permit to the GMB -controlled area. Because of illegal entries to the area, the work of honest parties becomes harder. The locals start to expect high bribes and this sparks an unlawful culture which leads to devastating side-effects such as drug trafficking, child labor and prostitution.
If you have questions about legal matters, we can have these replied by our volunteer lawyer. He volunteers his time to honor and serve Finnjet in this fine manner.
We feel very protective about our ship and her good name. Though not a society initiative, one person is already facing criminal charges. Don’t ruin your future in this manner. The year 2008 was a very upsetting year for the friends of Finnjet. The ship was lost and a couple of people organized fundraising schemes without permits. To make matters worse, they didn’t even use the money to what it was collected for.
Please remember, we’re the only Finnjet society and website out there that has been licensed to use the name Finnjet. It also means that our backgrounds have been checked thoroughly. We don’t want your money. We want to show you our ship, because we think she’s pretty amazing. If you want to reward our work with a donation, we would invest it into Finnjet materials. We pay for our traveling and beers ourselves.
I shall finish with a quote from our member Mr Martin Saarikangas himself: “Call Olavi Pylkkänen and tell him that you are recommended by me personally”



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