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Important dates of the society
11th October, 2008      Peter Schultze mentions in an email conversation of having been a member of the “Titanic Historical Society”. He proposes that GTS FINNJET also deserved an association for research and communication.
20th October, 2008      Risto Kempas invites 11 people to discuss the possibility of founding an association. Nine people take part in the discussion from Finland, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
November, 2008          Six of the conversationalists achieve unity in regards of the name and function of the society. Finnish, German and English are chosen as the working languages of the society. It is decreed that an official association will be founded.
8th December, 2008     Jarmo Junni invites a former chief engineer of GTS FINNJET to the society as a founding member.
10th December, 2008   FINNLINES Oyj gives a non-commercial license to their trademark “FINNJET” for the registerable association.
14th December, 2008   Joni Junni builds an Internet website for the society.
17th December, 2008   Tero Leskinen draws up the rules of the association.
10th January, 2008        The founding meeting is held at Katajanokka, Helsinki in Finland. The association will be registered in Helsinki. The founding documents are signed. A board of directors, a chairman and a vice-chairman are elected. On the following week society members met at Travemünde in Germany.
11th January, 2009        Cornelia Klier sends the first material to the society.
22nd January, 2009       Peter Schultze designs a logo for the society.
28th January, 2009        The founding documents and appendixes were delivered to the “National board of patents and registration of Finland”.
31st January, 2009        Jarmo Junni invites a former captain of GTS FINNJET to the society.
7th March, 2009           The website of the society moves to www.finnjet.fi . The address is approved by FINNLINES Oyj. The staff of the society may apply for email addresses of the type Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! for the handling of official society affairs.
20th March, 2009         The members of the society meet in Helsinki unofficially.
21st March, 2009         Bastian du Maire works on the first travel report of the society on a Hansa-route ship.
22nd March, 2009         Jan Moerchen works on the first article written for the society.
25th March, 2009         Jarmo Junni invites one of the former head designers of GTS FINNJET to the society.
25th March, 2009         After seven months of searching, the spare parts of GTS FINNJET are located.
25th March, 2009         A first part of the former ship is offered to the “Maritime Museum of Finland” for display.
17th April, 2009            The society is officially registered in Finland.
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